Came with the hotel stay. We tried many dishes. Crab cakes with poached egg (no hollandaise) was ok; eggs poached beautifully. Sausages (pork & lamb) were ok. Bacon was ok. Nasi lemak was good. Sliced fruit (not in photo) were nice. Juices were ok; orange and watermelon are fresh. Coffee unremarkable, tea is from TWG. Pastry: croissant & vanilla swirl were ok.

Pls avoid the chinese breakfast options - the congee, either plain or chicken, was pasty and tasteless despite the pretty garnishes on top. This is definitely not Cantonese or Teochew or Taiwanese style congee. Skip the siumai too. To be honest, steamed 7-11 siumai tastes better than what we had this morning. The hargow skin was very thick and pasty, and the shrimp was not bouncy and likely overcooked.