Braved a 15 minute walk in the recent Singapore heat, from a church we were visiting only because of Burpplebeyond.
Also because I spied Denzy at i12 huggs outlet and thought this homegrown ice cream brand must be doing things right.
Our scoops of pistachio and yoghurt with speculoos (think firmer yole with ur favourite cookie sauce) were indeed promising and the waffles here are airy. They have crisp ends and are easy for 1 pax to finish off, well at least both mum and I had 1 each.
Was mildly peeved after spending 1 hour at the Bedok cafe when I enquired if they had wifi and the staff immediately chirped no; yet I later saw a “free wifi” sticker on the glass door while walking back to my seat. I should have asked “can I have the wifi password?”.

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