The beancurd tart literally just melts in your mouth!!

The beancurd filling is so silky-smooth, jigglyyy and soft like tofu Paired with a buttery crumbly crust, it’s #lovee
It’s pretty refreshing too especially when eaten out of the fridge;)) That refreshingness makes it dangerously addictive. Honestly, I wouldn’t hesitate to pick this over the normal egg tarts!

BEST EATEN COLD! 10/10 would recommend

This time I got their old school cakes too. Decorated with colourful creams, different cream patterns & jams of different flavours lying atop a soft and fluffy sponge cake; Nostalgic vibes

Featuring 📸
~ Bean Curd Tarts (8pcs/box) $10
~ Buttercream Sponge Cakes (5pcs/box) $9.80

I highly recommend to consume on the date of purchase cause the crust will get softer

[NOTE: I called in to pre-order in advance before heading down cause the tarts always run out so fasttt]