Cosy place for a weekend dinner treat - don't expect a fancy restaurant, more of a relaxed diner vibe. Service was somewhat slow on a Friday night with the one staff looking quite surly, but nevermind them as the focus is more on the food!

(Starting from main picture, clockwise)
Ribye 250g ($37.50) - Tender and juicy, charcoal grilling it gave it a distinct char and a slight smokey taste. This was oh so delicious with the avocado butter lending another dimension of flavour. Don't skip the truffle fries because those were crisp and lip smackingly-good!

Pork Cheeks ($6.90) - Sinfully good, these almost felt like bitng into smokey pieces of fat. So good that we ordered another portion, but might be too fatty for some so take care!

Smoked Duck Breast ($16.90) - Wow. Just wow. Melt in your mouth, my first slice burst in my mouth with juices. Loved every bite and I was exclaiming throughout while finishing my portion. Mop up the juices and fat drippings with the baby potatoes too!

Mid wings ($6.90) - Good, but you can skip this if there's already too much meat on the table.

Fish and Chips ($14.90) - Standout was the mayo, there was an addictive quality to it unlike your usual Heinz or Kewpie mayo. Otherwise, a boring dish.

Tenderloin 220g ($39.90) - True to its name, very tender. But didn't like this as much as the ribeye and felt that this was quite tasteless without the accompanying sauce.

Overall,. very good meal for meat lovers but take care of the older folks here - my aunties and uncles felt that the meal was "too oily" and were worried for their gout. Burrple redemption was also confusing as at first we were told the 1-for-1 could only be used for the steaks but when payment my Duck Breast and Fish & Chips were the free dishes. Also, parking on a Friday night was a nightmare.