The retro-esque all-American interior was a sight to behold with red leather booth seats, checkered black-white mosaic flooring, neon signs, tiled walls, colourful candy jars (filled with real gummies and marshmallows!), and lovely (Asian) waitresses clad in pink classic diner uniforms. We felt like we were transported back to 1970s USA 🇺🇲

We started the meal with a platter of Potato Skins 🥔, six well-endowed oval chunks of golden-fried potato with the skins left on, topped with minced chili beef, sour cream, molten colby cheese and scallions. The potatoes were well-seasoned and crisp, and the toppings were flavourful, with just enough potato and toppings to avoid the taste being overwhelmed by either one.

For mains, I had the Black Angus Beef & Egg Burger 🍔 (pictured) The housemade beef patty was thick, tender and juicy. It would have tasted slightly dry on its own, but the medley of black pepper mushroom sauce, mayonnaise and chilli sauce saved the day, helping to moisten and enhance the flavour of the beef. The bun felt a little plain though, perhaps needing a thicker spread of butter or longer baking time for more crispy insides. But overall, the simple ingredients of the burger came together well to make up a decent classic burger, making for good comfort food that filled me up without being over-indulgent.

My dining companion had the Pork Jowl Burger, comprising pulled pork topped with coleslaw, green apples, arugula and finished with dijon mustard and smoky ketchup. He reported that the pulled pork was very tender, and the sauce too complemented the pork well and did not overwhelm the taste, while the portion was just right.

Perhaps unexpectedly, the undisputed star of the night for the both of us was the gelato. 🍨 The ondeh ondeh gelato didn’t look like much, sporting an unassuming barely green colour with the slightest hint of gula melaka syrup. But hidden beneath this humble facade was a completely on-point, intense ondeh ondeh flavour profile filled with chewy, chunky mochi bits, as if the real ondeh ondeh had been deconstructed and reborn in Broadway’s ice cream tubs. Delish!

Overall decent comfort food with an enchanting environment that offers excellent value for money with Amex Love Dining 50% off for two diners.