Having eaten beauty in a pot, this is my second time having a collagen hotpot and I must say this is really super good.

We ordered original and sukiyaki collagen hotpot. You can see how the thick tofu-like collagen is slowly being cooked into a soup base. The staff would then serve you each with a small tea cup for the first taste of the soup before putting the vegetables and meat into the pot.

Other than the main dish, we also ordered nanbai chicken which is super sedaaaap. I mean what can go wrong with this nanbai sauce?! We wanted to order a second servings for this!

For drinks, we ordered bijin sake and mio sake. Bijin sake ($12) is a very interesting drink. The staff would pour the cold sake into the shot glass which would overflow into a wooden square bowl. So basically, we are suppose to sip the shot glass, and down the shot glass followed by the square bowl. It’s for good luck! As for Mio sake($16), they would pour it into champagne glasses for us and it tastes great! Like sparkling sake with a sweet fruity taste.

All in all, the service provided by the staffs were also great. We would definitely come back again.

Price: ~ $30/pax
Rating: 10/10