If you don’t already know, LiHO has launched their Sunny Side Up drinks series (available till 2nd May 2021) which features drinks with Sunny Side Up Egg topping that’s made of sweet meringue! Before you think this is one of those gimmicky stunts that’s just for the gram, I would say the ‘egg’ does add an additional dimension of texture and flavour to the drinks, and it can even be enjoyed on its own as a snack as well!

~Blueberry Eggy Da Hong Pao (my favourite)
~Strawberry Eggy Green Tea
~Lychee Oreo Eggy Latte

If you prefer to have the ‘egg’ topping with your other preferred choice of drinks, you can too! Simply purchase the topping ($1.50) separately and add it onto your choice of drink! The Sunny Side Up drinks series are only available at selected LiHO outlets, do check their page for more details.