I haven’t been to creamier in an extremely long time, and even then, I’ve only patronised the older Braddell outlet which shut its doors a while back. The current outlets at Gillman Barracks, Yong Siak St, and Toa Payoh have become inconvenient for me. Knowing that I would be in the Tiong Bahru area, I knew that I had to try this again.

I have been telling people that the one of the best ice cream waffles combination I’ve had was at creamier, even though it was at an already shut outlet a long long time ago. So I was apprehensive having to try it again, at a different location after so long. All the apprehension was eased when i took the first bite. The airy and fluffy buttermilk waffles continue to live up to its standard. Waffles were fresh, crisp, and just so aromatic. In fact, I thought the quality and texture of the ice cream has improved from before. I went for 2 flavours — Earl grey lavender and blue pea vanilla. I understand that Earl grey lavender is one of their signature flavours (and was also recommended by the staff), but I did think that the flavour was a bit too sweet for my palate, albeit the very well-balanced Earl grey tea and lavender nodes. Ironically, I was more drawn to the blue pea vanilla, which had a very creamy vanilla taste. I was most mindblown by the textures of both ice cream scoops. I mean, could it get any creamier? Each scoop was so creamy, giving off a sufficient chew to each bite, yet still making it feel delightful on the tongue. One of the best textured ice creams I’ve had.