Visited Madlygood to try out their dessert , always wanted to try out their dessert whenever i passby their first branch at Jcube . Recently they have opened their second branch located at Clementi Mall 🤩🤩. Tried their mochi waffle with dark chocolate ice cream .

Crispy exterior with a completely sticky and gooey middle! Served with vanilla butter sauce, chocolate sauce and maple syrup. Topped with crunchy choco balls, chocolate rasps, almonds and strawberries.

Another best seller flavour will be Speculoos Cookie French Toast pair with their yogurt speculoos ice cream. Both their mochi waffle and speculoos cookie french toast look very pretty and delicious. It is dam worth it that they gave quite a big portion for the dessert , one dessert can be share with 2 person 😋😋🤩 Enjoying their dessert with a cup of coffee ice tea or cold latte will be great to end the day with 😋😋

3155 Commonwealth Ave West, Mall, #05-22 The Clementi, Singapore 129588

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