Situated above a laundromat along Jalan SS15/4, this yakitori bar is famed for its charcoal grilled delicacies. If you're up for a little smoke in your eyes, take the bar seat for a first class view of your skewers. Yakitori choices (from RM3 per stick) include more adventurous cuts like chicken gizzards, but we suggest you go easy on the exotic picks and go for classics like the Gyuniku (RM12), grilled beef ribs, and Kawa (RM3), smooth, salted chicken skin. Get your intake of vegetables with the complimentary sides of potato and cabbage salads, and end your meal with the Sumi-Ka Pudding (RM6), which features a bittersweet caramelised top. Reservations are necessary.
Avg Price: RM60