Finally went to a buffet with my family for a celebration, and we found this place not too bad!

The Weekday Lunch Buffet was $68 and there was a 1 for 1 promotion for UOB cards. I wouldn't say the variety is the best, but they did cover quite a few cuisines! The seafood was fresh, the salmon sashimi was fatty (though I didn't like the octopus and tuna sashimi) and our favourite was the grilled section! The grilled fish, pork belly and satay were so tender, smoky and flavourful 😻 I was so addicted to them I took second and third helpings of them!

Desserts wise there is quite a variety, and I enjoyed the durian penget and chocolate pudding the most! The chocolate pudding was so rich and chocolatey!

Though most food are not mind blowingly good, the spread is pretty worth at the promotional price. Wouldn't mind coming back again with the promotion!

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