Always have been quite into the new soft-serve flavours which McDonald’s release on a limited time-only basis, so we were pretty stoked when we first heard of McDonald’s releasing the Watermelon soft-serve line-up following the return of the Lotus Biscoff McFlurry that was the last seasonal dessert right before this. For those whom are unaware, the Watermelon soft-serve series includes the Watermelon Cone, Watermelon Twist Cone (the half-on-half swirl with the original Vanilla soft-serve in the Vanilla Cone), the Watermelon McFlurry and the Watermelon Hot Fudge Sundae.

Wanting to try the Watermelon soft-serve as-is, we found ourselves opting for the Watermelon Cone — pretty much the same as what we would have done for all the limited time-only soft serve flavours that we had tried thus far. The Watermelon soft-serve comes paired with the standard cone that would have accompanied the usual Vanilla Cone; the Watermelon soft-serve also coming with a pink hue which one could easily assume that it is a flavour that comes with strawberry elements. Going straight for the soft-serve, the Watermelon Cone is one of those better made limited time-only specials till date; based on the intensity of the watermelon flavours, we do feel that the flavours are likely to have come from flavourings. That being said, the starting notes of the soft-serve features a very crisp and refreshing note of watermelon that also carried a suitable level of sweetness — some would call it “sorbet-like” considering how its not too heavily creamy despite the milky base that goes into the making of the soft-serve.

Overall, the Watermelon Cone does seem to be one of the more promising soft-serve ice-cream flavours that the Golden Arches had released — perhaps not to the degree like the Yubari Melon Cone and the Houjicha Cone previously that we had found ourselves having quite a liking for. Nonetheless, we would prefer the Watermelon Cone to other soft-serve creations such as that of the HERSHEY’S line-up and the Matcha Cone which we have lesser of an inclination to. Given how the Watermelon Cone is making its very first appearance on McDonald’s menu, we would think that the Watermelon Cone is definitely worth a try to see if it would be something to suit one’s fancy.