Coffee Pork Ribs by Pat Jon | Burpple

Seng Kee doesn't only sell it's herbal soups and mee sua; it is actually a tze char restaurant that sells a plethora of other wok-fried dishes as well! We decided to try out the small coffee pork ribs ($12), which is not a dish that many tze char stalls have. There were around 6 pieces of meat, which is just enough for 2 to 3 persons.

The pork ribs were coated in a generous coffee-flavoured sauce, and we thought that the sauce was actually pretty concentrated! You will definitely be able to taste the coffee in this one and the sauce reminds me of roasted/slight burnt coffee beans. 😁 The pork ribs have quite a fair bit of meat, although there are also a number of bones so you may need some effort for this dish. We also liked that the skin was covered in a thin layer of batter, which gave the exterior a nice crispy texture.

Seng Kee was really crowded when we visited on the evening of a public holiday, and we had to queue to even get a table for two. Be prepared to wait for a table if you are visiting during peak hours!

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