Lunch Deal ($17) included 8% GST and 10% Service Charge

Miso Mushroom Noodles, Veggie Mandu and Sparkling Water

Finally I got the chance to try this since last year but I was slightly full to eat so I passby the area and decided to hop in for lunch deal instead. They got a variety of dumplings to choose from the menu but the noodle and drink wise got less choice as their specality was dumpling. I wanted to try their special dumplings like fried pierogi's high recommended for people also but I just stick usual ones such as original or veggie. Veggie Mandu just slightly oily for me and also their sauce already dipped with dumplings while serving. But the fillings inside the dumplings got a lot of ingredients and just nice for the serving. Miso Mushroom Noodles I felt in my opinions like dry noodle with mushrooms and meats but people was really high recommended for this. I almost cannot eat noodle finish as the sauce for the noodle was a bit strong taste for me. I just stick to their dumplings instead of their noodles tbh next time.