The brownie was fudgy albeit a little dry when eaten in silo. The main highlight here got to be the top layer of chocolate chip cookie dough frosting that was creamy, chunky, couple with a a pleasant tinge of subtle saltiness that I adore, serving as a counter balance to the otherwise saccharine sweetness. Topped with a bittersweet dark chocolate coating and chocolate cookies crumbles, this decadent, sore-throat inducing chocolatey goodness is highly recommended for sharing unless you are a hardcore chocoholic. Do pair it with the free scoops of Ben & Jerry’s cookie dough ice cream for the best of both worlds! 😉
2️⃣ Dough Rae Me cupcake🧁 [$5]
Chocolate chip cookie flavoured cupcake topped with chocolate chip cookie dough frosting surrounded by chocolate chips and topped with a wedge of handmade chocolate chip cookie, this cupcake also contains a dark chocolate fudge core. The cupcake was soft, fluffy and sufficiently moist, with the dark chocolate fudge core adding a bittersweet flavour profile. On the downside, the frosting was a tad too sweet for my liking, with a cloying saccharine factor that caused me to omit it after two small spoonfuls. Personally I would prefer the brownie over this, though this cupcake might be a safer option for a solo indulgence. .
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