[Vegan-Friendly] Brownice is a restaurant that promises on 100% vegan food, which makes it quite a rare find in Singapore. Right outside their doorstep, you will be able to see a display of several flavours of ice-creams, which looks pretty enticing. And when you have a look at their menu, you might just be surprised to find that there’s a number of dishes that don’t conform to the idea that vegan = vegetables. Vegan pizzas, pastas, risottos and then some - these are among the things I’ve always hoped to find in this nation, despite not being a vegan myself.

Unfortunately, I had dinner before this, so I went with their Waffles w/ Ice Cream ($8). I didn't find out what the batter and the oscillating drizzle of chocolate ganache were made of, but I do know that they were decent. The waffles’ crust felt a little too hard though and it was too thin on the inside. It was quite a work to down this one, making it rather off-putting. But on the upside, they do have that gorgeous, signature aroma of a bread that has undergone Maillard’s Reaction; and they’re guilt-free! 🍞😍

However, as a whole, the thing that takes the crown of victory here is none other than…well, the crowning piece - their hazelnut ice-cream, named ‘Hi Hazel, I’m Nuts About You'. Their ice-creams are made with organic brown rice milk, evaporated cane juice, giving them a creamy, yet light, and a midlly sticky texture. They contain less than 3% fats and boast a calorie count of 80 – 140 kcal. per scoop! 😗 And they’re surprisingly flavourful, no matter which one you go for - you’ll immediately get a burst of flavour upon ingestion. Personally, this is a guilty pleasure that is worth trading off the regular ice-cream for.

Perhaps next time, I’ll get two scoops instead of one. And maybe with a brownie instead. I reckon it should be good, but we’ll see when I come back again soon! (6.8/10)