Nestled in a quieter area of Dempsey Hill, Jiu Zhuang is a beautiful hidden restaurant and bar that is a worth a try. The ambience of Jiu Zhuang perfectly matches up to its name, with the whole restaurant appearing to be a premium drinking house, and decked in heritage, Chinese style decor which aimed to emulate how a sophisticated “atas” drinking parlour might have been like in the past. The immaculate vibes of Jiu Zhuang won my heart. And even though the restaurant is not all that big, they’ve positioned their customers to be comfortably apart from one another, and that is always well appreciated.

As it’s name goes, you’re at a premium bar which offers a wide range of liquor - from Bai Jiu & Huang Jiu to a very extensive wine list. They have a massive range of whiskeys but also a unique selection of cocktails inspired by the four seasons (pictured). The cocktails were decent, but this is a definitely a bar for people who enjoy their hard liquor, be it neat or on the rocks. And when it comes to whiskey, you’ll be spoilt for choice here. Jiu Zhuang has a food menu as well, and no surprise it’s a Chinese menu, with a few dim sum options but also szechuan cuisine. And I’ll highly recommend one of my favourites got to be their Whisky Xiao Long Bao. So if you’re looking for a somewhere unique and quiet for a cosy date night, you can consider heading to this elegant hidden bar✨

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