Based on his constant experimentations and ingenious visions of Mod-Sin cuisine, Chef Han successfully manages to let you see and taste our local dishes in a different light.

With this specially curated menu for the occasion, we started off with something cold and refreshing, the iconic and signature The Labyrinth Chili Crab, but this time round instead of the piping hot version, a local flower crab is battered and deep fried till crisp, and served with chili crab ice cream and a mini mantou. The snacks followed with Uncle William’s quail topped with Russian caviar in a prata for an interpretation of our mamak’s murtabak, the gunkan inspired burnt parts of claypot rice topped with house cured lap cheong (pictured) and the irresistible liushabao with the most outrageous QQ bun texture that has bafun uni and Kaluga caviar. The mains followed thereafter with the Kulhbarra Barramundi, which is Restaurant Labyrinth’s interpretation of the yusheng, sweetened with Nutrinest’s farm honey and grilled Oyster Omelette, served in a bechamel sauce and hollandaise.
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