Maruhachi, known for serving up affordably priced restaurant-quality tonkatsu, has recently launched their limited edition (till 30 June 2022) Cheese Menchi Katsu in celebration of their 8th and newest outlet opening in Bedok. Here’s what we tried at their Edgefield Plains outlet:

~Cheese Menchi Katsu Curry ($10.80)
~Blackpig Katsu Set ($15.80, served with Japanese rice & miso soup)
~Special Pork Katsu Don ($12.80)

As it was my first time trying their tonkatsu, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality, despite its humble setting. It’s comparable to those I’ve had at some Japanese restaurants before. The Blackpig Katsu was my favourite - it was crispy and pretty succulent overall! I enjoyed the Cheese Menchi Katsu Curry too, but would have enjoyed it even more if it had more cheese. They are also available on GrabFood, foodpanda and Deliveroo (selected outlets).

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