From Meet Casual Dining opened just this week at City Square Mall which serves a meat-centric menu with noodle and salad options for brunch as well as serving few seafood dishes and a tapas menu during after-lunch hours

Granny Smith Apple, Seed Mustard, White Onions cooked with Sherry Vinegar and Potato Chips. Overall a pretty good combination flavour-wise; the caramalisation of the pork belly could be tasted on the skin — a hint of sweetness exudes though the skin lacks a consistent crispiness throughout, often soft and limp at the other end. The meat comes pretty fatty and jiggly, tender with a layer of gelatinous fat in between the meat and skin that's gives it a little chewiness. The caramalised apples were a decent touch with a little char amidst the soft sweetness, though my favourite element was the onions that gives a deep tanginess which helps to cut through the meatiness without being too bright and "in-your-face" to create contrast for the dish. Interestingly, the potato chips stated come in a casserole which also contains mash; will write more about it in a separate post with the photo of the casserole.