How in the world have I not known of this place?! All thanks to Burpple for giving me this recommendation when I was lost at Seah Im Hawker Center. I came across a review that described their favourite Ayam Penyet and once I found saw the line outside the stall, I knew I was in for a win.

The chicken is so so tender and perfectly crisped on the outside. It's a match made in heaven when you combine it with the fluffy and flavourful rice. One word of caution though - the chilli packs a punch, so don't mess around with it! Oh and let's also not forget that they leave a bucket of all that battered crumbs that have soaked up all the good flavouring outside of the stall for you to help yourself elevate this dish to the next level!!

All of this for just $5! Honestly one of the best Ayam Penyet I've had, so come try it for yourself!

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