Happy to find a $2/entry parking at Shaw Towers (cheap thrill) 😛 on a Sunday, we cross the road and find ourselves a nice diner & bar. We got carried away by the amazing interior of @themassessg , neon light signage, a 90s' diner & bar theme. As soon as we settled down, 👀 on the menu. So here is what we have ordered:
Truffle Fries $11.90 The photo speaks for itself. Generous shavings of truffle with truffled mayo. You know how the
other shoestring truffled fries has the fainting truffle fragrant only at the first bite, this is not like that. The truffle was in every stick, top to toe. I got truffled away! 😘
Angus Steak, Medium $22.90. It is cooked just about right, between Medium rare to Medium. The remoulade compliments the steak really well.
Braised Beef Cheek $17.90. 12 hours, (heavenly) tender beef cheek, not a single bit of toughness. So good 😋
Iberico Pork Loin, Sous Vide, Medium Well $15.90 It is surprisingly tender despite the thickness of the loin that was served. Sous vide to the point. 😉
Deep Fried Camembert $8.90. Accompanied with yoghurt ice cream, just right size companion that goes well with a good slice deep fried camembert cheese. The gula melaka granola added a tint of sweetness to the dessert & ricotta crumble gives an extra crunch. So blown away! 🤭
Strawberry Popsicle $8.90. Too pretty to be eaten. Fresh strawberries, sprinkled with biscuit crumbled bits. I always love real strawberry popsicles (Not the ones with strawberry flavoured ones that tasted more milk than the strawberry)
Wo De Mei Ren, $14. Expecting a beauty that is all sweet and dreamy. Not at all! Don't get me wrong, this is damn good! Refreshing mix of fresh lime juice and fresh watermelon puree, Signature cocktail has a sour punch at the first sip and "rummed" you at the end of it. 😏
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