This Halloumi & Squash ($16) number comes with sweet pickled beets, collard greens, almond flakes, and a nutty burnt butter dressing. Sounds fabulous, but unfortunately the seasonings were a wee off and it turned out a little meh. The squash for one, though well roasted, was completely unseasoned. Would’ve been fine if the burnt butter dressing had a touch of salt, but there was also way much of that sweet pickling juice added in which tipped the whole salad onto the sweeter side without good balance. They were also too heavy-handed with the dressing, leaving me eating basically greasy vegetables sitting in melted butter. The biggest disappointment however has to be the halloumi: the semi-hard cheese was fried to the point of being just crazy tough. Honestly if they’d just refine each component and pay a little more attention, this could be a fabulous salad.