With each visit to Mustard Seed, it’s difficult to fathom how they can top your previous meal. However, they still manage to excel and also keep things interesting.

September’s menu was arguably one of the best menus I’ve had at the cosy and intimate restaurant, each item was almost faultless.

From the appetite-whetting chilled tomato soup with lobster and sambal matah, to the addictive and tangy Laksa Johor with grouper, each dish is an explosion of flavour, yet delicate enough to not de-sensitise the palate.

My favourite of the evening was the oxtail nasi ulam accompanied with a teapot of beef broth. So good and hearty that I forced myself to muster the courage to ask for a second helping (which they generously obliged)!

Mustard Seed is an incredibly difficult reservation to make so go score some good karma points. December bookings are available from 1 Oct, 10am. Good luck!