And here we go again; another McDonald’s limited time-only offering. McDonald’s might have just pulled down the coconut soft-serve in tandem with the return of the Hershey’s soft-serve recently, but in a strange turn of events, the coconut seems to have be living on in its dessert menu for a while more — the Cocoa-Nut Pie being their latest limited time-only pie creation that has released earlier this week alongside other limited time-only items such as that of the Sweet BBQ McSpicy and Grapefruit McFizz as well. The Cocoa-Nut Pie is probably McDonald’s cheesiest-sounding pie offering to-date at least for us; we hadn’t heard much about McDonald’s releasing a new item they had such a blatant wordplay in its namesake — the name being a combination of Cocoa and Coconut which describes the two elements that are featured in the Cocoa-Nut Pie.

For those who recall anything or two about the Chocolate Pie, we would say that the crust is pretty much the same that is being used for the Chocolate Pie — one that comes with a dark brown hue that suggests some form of infusion of chocolate here. The pie crust is that slightly softer, but still crispy pastry shell that we recall from the standard one that comes with the Apple Pie — pretty much the same consistent with the one that came with the Chocolate Pie in the past. That being said, the relation between the entire pie and the word “cocoa” stops right there; filled with coconut cream within, it does set our minds thinking about two things — one being whether this was another application for the coconut elements that they have had from the coconut soft-serve not too long ago, and the second being whether they were contending with Burger King on who can come up with the “dirtier” pie. Whilst we have no idea how Burger King didn’t realise that making an order for a “Kimchi Pie” would probably induce a totally unintentional odd and embarrassing situation at the counter, the contrast of the dark pie and that white coconut filling for McDonald’s Cocoa-Nut Pie wasn’t anywhere quite better. Anyhoo, the filling does carry a thick consistency similar to that of their Apple Pie; the only difference here being how the filling does perfume of a light and somewhat refreshing hint of coconut that lingers around the tastebuds, whilst also coming with cubes of Nata de Coco for a contrast of textures. We wouldn’t say that the Cocoa-Nut Pie is a must-try; the two elements doesn’t seem to really intermingle here with the cocoa merely being an infusion to the pastry shell without much flavoural impact, though it doesn’t quite harm for those whom are genuinely curious to give it a go.

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