One of the perks of omakase is the firsthand experience we get sitting at the bar counter and relishing the most authentic Japanese dining experience. We get to observe the chef as he prepares individual pieces of sushi right before us. It reminds me of my omakase experience at one of the sushi bars at Tsukiji fish market.

There were 2 chefs and each of the chefs would handle 4 guests which gave a very personal touch. The chef would only serve the next course when we are done with the previous. The fishes were oh-so-fresh and solid! Each course was paired so well with different sauces that nothing tasted similar throughout the whole course.

My 12-Course Sushi is as follows
- Hirame Flat Fish
- Squid
- Prawn
- Sea Bream
- Japanese Groupa
- Golden Threadfin Bream (Not in Picture)
- Golden Eye Snapper (Not in Picture)
- Chutoro
- Otoro with Soy Sauce Foam (Not in Picture)
- Hototo (Not in Picture)
- Horse Mackeral (Aji)
- Sea Urchin

\\ 18-Course Sea Urchin Menu (2/3) 》$128