I didn't regret spending $29 (weekend) to eat here with my loved ones. Theres's a variety of meat and spices, like mutton, beef & chicken. There's also a variety choice of seafood like crayfish, prawn & mussels, i chose tomyam broth instead of chicken because it's the best isn't it? It's your choice 😊 there's so many sauce you can choose from! From local to japanese and korean 😇 there's salad, rojak, desserts like cakes and ice cream! 💕 The drinks wise, it's mainly syrup. There's blueberry, rose, bird's nest, orange, yuzu orange, etc. Soft drinks on the other hand, is excluded 😌 would definitely come and eat here again 😇

How much weekdays chargers does any one knw
Weekday $25 😊
Sure or not
Ok no it's $26 😂 that's what online says 🤔 I can't assure you
$25 or $26
$26, payment by cash only
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