Have you had your breakfast? Here we are having our breakfast from our favourite bee hoon / nasi lemak stall at Tampines St 21 Market.

This is totally a hidden food gem in the east and I would say that it taste way better than any of the nasi lemak I have tried. The ingredients were freshly prepared and fried. They are all crispy and not super oily kind of deep fried food.

Interestingly they prepared the bee hoon using the rice cook to stir fried it (probably to prevent fire accident) but the white bee hoon taste really good and you really have to depend on luck to see whether you get to try the white bee hoon because it run out pretty fast.
Another point to note is that they open till around like 10am in the morning, you really have to be an early bird to be able to try this and as they are located within the wet market so you only get to dabao it. 📍 Tampines Street 21, 201 Wet Market (located beside the egg stall)