I knew I had to try the mala soup from 老成都麻辣烫, a takeaway food stall (#01-K99G) outside People’s Park Complex, when I saw it in a recent vlog by #聪生家 because it simply calls out to my soul😂

I ordered a variety of ingredients for 2-3 pax and it costs $16, which is quite reasonable given the generous portion. I opted for the lowest level of spiciness (小辣) and the soup hits all the right notes for me - it is robust, spicy and numbing without throwing me off. The aftertaste can be a little salty, but the flavours made up for it. The ingredients are fresh and I thought the prawn balls and tofu (not sure why but it’s quite Q!) are better than the usual ones I have.

This is my first time venturing beyond my usual 麻辣香锅 to try a soup version of it and I really enjoyed it. Definitely can see myself ordering this again on a rainy day!

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