Hyang Yeon's Premium Buffet ($42) entitles you to a huge plethora of food dishes, including different cuts of meats, stews and appetisers. To start of, the small dishes or panchan that came had a huge variety and they were all so good! The appetisers that we chose, steamed egg and seafood pancake were very freshly made as well, especially the pancake as it was crispy on the outside 🥺. I honestly think its one of the best I've had!

The meats were very fresh as well, and we especially love the pork belly, marinated pork belly and beef short rib. All were so juicy, sweet and delicious! Though we only can get a portion of beef each for the normal premium buffet, it's good enough because there's so much food and we ordered only a portion for all meats. The stew was very comforting as well!

Long story short, all are fresh and delicious and will be back again for their ala carte dishes!

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