Cheese wheel carbonara. The pasta is simmered in cream before being further cooked in the huuuge cheese wheel with egg yolks and then mixed up with a generous amount of bacon. It is pretty gimmicky, with the staff cooking it right in front of you in a wok-like cheese (not cheese-like wok). But was this gimmicky experience worth it?


It may not be the most authentic Italian pasta with the cream and bacon, but it was so damn flavourful. The cream and cheese combination, and I am not sure if it is attributed to the whole cheese wheel cooking, made the texture of the sauce so smooth. While indeed flavourful and savoury, I do believe that the bacon made it extremely salty nearing the end of the meal. Ultimately, I think this creamy goodness is better for sharing if you find yourself getting overwhelmed by cream-based pastas easily. Plus, it gives you more opportunities for trying other dishes. Nonetheless, I do think this experience is worth a try.