I’m an absolute fan of BITP. That collagen-rich soup base and the fresh, delicious ingredients. How can one say no to that rich, luscious, savoury broth that’s made from compoy, pig trotters, chicken and pork bones and chicken feet. If you could recall, the collagen broth was previously made with shark collagen. While that was smoother, this is more flavourful.

The Spicy Nourishing Broth is good too. The soup base isn’t oily but it’s reasonably spicy and flavourful. It uses a pork bone broth and there’s a good amount of Chinese herbs that helps to nourish your body. However, I prefer a true mala soup base over this as the numbing hot feeling is real when you have the latter.

Don’t forget to order the beancurd skin and fish tofu. I’m always conscious of how long to dip those beancurd skins to get the right texture. The beancurd skin here is unimaginable.

I like how fresh the meats are here. For me, hotpots are about the meat. So beef, lamb and pork are the things I go for.

A meal at BITP isn’t a cheap affair. It can set you aside anywhere between $40 to $60 per head (depending on how much you order). But you get good quality food and awesome company.