First of all, I just want to put it out there that this was so so bad. On so many levels. The menu says 'An open-faced waffle sandwich with grilled steak slices, sautéed onions, cherry tomatoes, jalapeños, portobello mushrooms and topped with Montery Jack and smoked cheddar cheese'. When the dish arrived, I literally looked at it jaw dropped, not in a good way. Maybe I shouldn't have compared it to the one I had in Max Brenners New York, literally like heaven and hell. First glance at it, the waffle looked so smooshed and soggy, not crispy at all. Then, I thought, hmm, maybe there's more steak and stuff in between the two waffle pieces? Nope. Slathered in all the grooves of the bottom waffle was tons of tartar sauce/mayo, which I absolutely despise. Worse, it probably was the culprit for making the waffles soggy. Btw the menu did not mention any sauces of any sort. I literally tried to scrape every bit of that white sauce out. On top of the waffle was a few chunks of steak slices, some jalapeños and cheese, maybe some caramelized onions which wasn't too noticeable. The fries were probably the best thing on this plate. It was only until after my meal that I looked at the menu again, and realized that my dish did not have any cherry tomatoes, no portobello mushrooms, hardly any sautéed onions, and if my tastebuds are right, there was only Montery Jack and no Smoked Cheddar. I paid RM23 for this dish which was absolutely ridiculous. Maybe they ran out of ingredients? They could've at least told me if that was the case, swap in some extra vege or meat or something? Maybe the white sauce was to compensate for the lack of ingredients -.- Service here wasn't excellent, ribeye steak wasn't great, only reason I would go back there is for their mussels (which was really really good btw). Ok I'm done.

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