Hakka Tofu Bowl Classic Set

$9.90 · 2 Reviews

Yong tau foo with pink neon lights and glossy white walls in the background? You got it. This modern-meets-traditional favourite highlights a Hakka Tofu Bowl ($7.80), which features warm Japanese short-grain rice instead of your standard white rice. Expect also the usual yong tau foo suspects like taupok, tofu and toukwa stuffed with minced pork and doused in yummy soy sauce. If you’re feeling extra peckish, go for the Hakka Tofu Bowl Classic Set ($9.90) that comes with a hot drink and a charcoal peanut pancake — perfect to munch on while waiting for your rice bowl to arrive.
Photo by Burppler Huizhen Lu

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Ordered the Hakka Tofu Bowl Classic Set ($9.90) with charcoal peanut min jiang kueh and hot green tea. The rice bowl is $7.80 alone FYI :)

The bowl comes with a bed of rice topped with long beans, liang leaves? (not sure what veggie is in the top left corner), silken tofu in roasted sesame sauce, two fried meatballs atop a small tofu base, and two pieces of firm tofu with some minced meat, as well as some shredded seaweed and alfalfa sprouts. I was a little disappointed that this wasn’t really lei cha as there wasn’t any thunder tea, but maybe I misunderstood the concept of the place 😂 overall it was a yummy bowl. The different components of the bowl worked really well together and also on their own. While definitely not life-changing, it’s a solid bowl and quite an affordable option in the CBD, especially with the set. Wish I worked near the area so I could enjoy this more often and to try the other food nearby too!