Madagascan Vanilla Milkshake

$7.00 · 1 Review

It was love at first bite for me.
I was simultaneously smittened and impressed by the precisely balanced flavour profile of @burgerlabo's limited edition creation that boasts a 150gms Wagyu A5 patty made from the meat of a single cow from the Sendai prefecture in Japan. The proportion of beef to the lightly-grilled buttered buns was spot-on. Ditto the double slices of American cheese and the two kind of onions loaded on there. The resulting taste was an astonishingly delicious blend of meltingly-soft Wagyu, salty gooey cheese, sweet caramelised onions, crunchy and tart pickled onions, tangy-with-pickles housemade sauce and fluffy bun.
I washed it down with a Madagascan Vanilla Milkshake ($6++ for a small glass) because in my opinion, a milkshake is the best drink to pair with a cheeseburger.