Charcoal Grilled Dried Arms Mackerel Set

$14.90 · 2 Reviews

Stellar Jap group Keisuke strikes again! Expect charcoal-grilled goodies at this new outlet, including several types of expertly marinated fish, all under $25. The smoky, moist Charcoal Grilled Dried Arms Mackerel Set ($14.90) gets our vote for best value for money. If you can splurge a little, go for their Miso Marinated Black Cod ($21.90) for delightfully smooth and flaky flesh that's worth every penny. Also good is the Grilled Chicken with Rock Salt ($9.90). Like in many other Keisuke outlets, there’s a heavenly free-flow salad bar here — get your fill of green tea soba, coffee jelly with cream and more!
Photo by Burppler Jianzhong .

Keisuke group has done it again! Would you just look at this beauty — moist, flaky, slightly oily and a little smoky. Pair this with the perfectly cooked pearl rice here (remember to top it with the complimentary onsen egg) and this makes for a perfect lunch.

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