Avocado Toastie (until 12pm)

$8.00 · 5 Reviews

One of the Burpple community’s favourite here, this toastie shows that avocado on bread can taste amazing and not cost an exorbitant price.

Although the serving of avo we got was a bit brown, it was still buttery and paired excellently with pesto, feta and cheddar between toasty but soft bread. Their sandwiches are only available until 12 pm, so make sure you come down a little earlier if you want these! 🥪


Apart from their amazing meatball pasta which I love to death, Free the Robot whips up really kickass brunch food such as this glorious Avocado Toastie ($8) which is insanely generous with the amount of sliced avocados that is put in each sandwich!

Sandwiched with feta cheese and pesto sauce, the chunky and creamy avocado slices, to me, give off a sort of soft bite to the fluffy toastie, and balances off the strong flavours of the feta cheese and homemade pesto sauce, which to me is quite a foolproof pairing.

Thoroughly enjoyed this, though I would recommend it as a main for yourself or to be shared if you wanna order a couple of things as this can be rather filling! On that note, if you love your avocado, you are gonna love this. 🤤

This is part of a meal hosted by @freetherobot.sg @bittersandlove.

My Friend wasn’t a fan of avo toast until she tried this one with pesto & feta cheese. Added smoked salmon on another visit & it was a great combo. They have excellent coffee but their pre-packed ice coffee in those cute glass bottles tasted diluted to me. I didn’t like that!

📍 : Free the Robot @freetherobot.sg .
👄 : Will I return? Yes! Always there.
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Having brunh at a super chill place with my little girl. 🤗
Very yummy toasties and did not regret adding the extra scrambled eggs as recommended. 👌🏻
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