Hazelnut Chocolate Semifreddo

$14.00 ยท 1 Review

Another new dessert that is newly introduced with the menu revamp. The Hazelnut Chocolate Semifreddo comes with Coffee Chocolate Mousse, Candied Hazelnuts and Chocolate Crumbs. The dessert is somehow big on flavours, yet not particularly jelak for it's not overwhelmingly thick โ€” the mousse was smooth and creamy without being cloying. Playing with a rather safe flavour combination, I really loved how they try to add elements such as coffee to bring the hazelnut and chocolate combination beyond the "Ferrari Rocher" flavour โ€” the coffee actually helps to add yet another dimension of bitterness on top of the bittersweet chocolate for a slightly different ending that worked particularly well with the hazelnut; possibly even cutting through the richness of the cream to make things feel easier on the palate. Yet another dessert from South Union Park that puts the meal to a brilliant end.