Kamatama Mentai Butter Udon

RM15.00 · 2 Reviews

A sliding door veiled by Japanese blinds beckons passers-by into this modest restaurant for piping bowls of udon. If you work in Bangsar, make the short trip to this quiet nook in Lucky Garden for a reasonably-priced Japanese lunch. The Sanuki noodles are deftly handmade with Japanese wheat flour, and free of MSG or additives. Leading the line of favourites is a Kamatama Mentai Butter Udon (RM15). When mixed, the warm al-dente udon melts a hefty block of cold butter, to come together with mentaiko (cod roe), bonito flakes and a runny yolk for a slurpy, umami-packed dish. For something that resonates with the classics, the Aburi Char Siew Udon (RM15) with seared pork belly and seasoned boiled egg makes a bowl of meaty comfort on a rainy day. Be sure to end with dessert. The lady boss makes these delights herself and a handful of luscious selections deck the counters daily — look out for the Tart Aus Figues (RM12), a crumbly fig-filled tart.
Avg price per person: RM20
Photo by Burppler Rueann Dass

One of the only Japanese establishments in old Bangsar area, Lucky Garden, Yamabuki Udon is an eyebrow-raiser. The Kamatama Mentai Butter Udon (RM15), listed on the menu as a Customer's Favourite, deserves a mention! Top it off with the strangely satisfying Enoki tempura for only RM3.