Fried Beancurd with Pepper and Salt

$9.80 ยท 1 Review

One of the classiest options under the Crystal Jade umbrella, this restaurant in Paragon is ideal for business lunches, intimate dates or special celebrations. The menu boasts a good balance of traditional cooking and fun fusion dishes, with significant emphasis on Teochew and Guandong cuisines. Start your meal with the humble Deep Fried Beancurd with Pepper and Salt ($9.80) โ€” savoury cubes of silky homemade beancurd deep fried till golden brown. Check out the selection of Teochew braised meats, including Duck ($24), Sliced Duck Tongue ($18) and Duck Wing & Web ($20) โ€” a rare find in a Chinese restaurant. The Double Boiled Chicken Soup with Fish Maw & Dendrobium ($26) is proof that soups are a forte here โ€” the clear broth is clean-tasting and not overly herbaceous as some Chinese soups can be. The restaurant also does surprisingly excellent, thoughtful fusion dishes. The Baked Lamb Rack with Red Wine & Black Pepper Sauce ($18 per portion) sports perfectly cooked meat slicked in an umami-rich sauce, while the Angel Hair Pasta with Seafood & Black Truffle Sauce ($12 per portion) sees springy, al dente noodles tossed in a complex, earthy sauce.
Avg Price: $60 per person
Picture by Burppler Clar Eng