Chirashi Cake

$40.00 · 2 Reviews

If you're in the market for a cake to please that guy friend who doesn't enjoy sweets, this might just be the perfect treat. The Chirashi Cake ($40) feeds four to eight people, and is wonderfully over-the-top in terms of presentation. We're talking approximately four bowls of freshly diced and marinated sashimi, an insane amount of ikura on the side and generous spoonfuls of sea urchin blanketing a bed of sushi rice. Just the sheer size of the takeaway dish (think 'lou hei' plate) makes people do a double take. The Chirashi Cake is something sashimi lovers should experience, just make sure your friends love chirashi too!
*Chirashi cake has to be ordered one day in advance
Photo by Burppler Dixon Chan

If you've got a friend that loves Chirashi, this is one of the more special gifts you can get! The amount of sashimi was super generous; was easily 4 bowls of worth of chirashi. For the novelty and fish, this is worth the money, which is about the same as a run-of-the-mill cake. It's also good to know that this might not fit everyone's taste. This is definitely the most enjoyable birthday cake I ever had!