Cremino Venchi

2 Reviews

If you think hard about it, $10.50 for a triple scoop of Venchi's delectable selection of premium quality and velvety ice-cream flavours is pretty worth it especially when you share it with a friend or two.

Had the Cremino Venchi, Pistschio and Strawberry Sorbet, all of which were really good, but my personal favourite would be the former because it has a really nice mix of vanilla and chocolate which results in a sweetness that's not too much, and I could gladly have this flavour all to myself. 🤣 The pistachio is the crowd favourite. Along with the other nutty flavours here, the pistachio flavour is really strong and earthy. The strawberry water-based sorbet tastes just like the fruit itself and it is super refreshing as well, somewhat like an ice-blended fresh fruit drink that is made with a generous amount of strawberries. If you're game for a (very) sour alternative, go for the lemon one!