Armoury (South Beach)

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Spicy Bacon Avocado Burger

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Located across from Vatos Urban Tacos in South Beach Quarter, The Armoury Gastrobar is decked with rustic brick walls and boasts a laidback vibe with its alfresco seats. There's Craft Beer on tap from 5-9pm (from $15), making it a great place to unwind with your colleagues if you work in the area. Their Spicy Bacon Avocado Burger ($20) has yet to get much attention, but it really should — it's saucy, tasty and downright satisfying. Slathered with sriracha mayo and topped with crispy tangles of bacon and creamy avocado, this juicy 180g homemade beef patty burger will not disappoint. The equally popular Armoury Burger ($20) features the same lightly charred patty, only this time it is topped with melty gorgonzola cheese, horseradish garlic aioli (so yummy), silky caramelised onions and arugula. For sides, opt for either the Mac and Cheese ($5) or the addictively good Duck Fat Fries ($5).
Photo by Burppler Darrick Leow

I've never had the combination of avocado + bacon in my burger before, and it worked very well! The avocado, which doesn't have much flavour on its own, served as a creamy texture, a nice contrast to the crisp bacon. The 180g house ground beef patty had a good crust, and the melted cheese mixed beautifully with the sriracha mayo and jalapeño relish. I enjoyed how the buns were sturdy yet very fluffy, allowing you to really eat this burger with your hands with nothing falling out. Chose mac & cheese ($5) one of our sides, which was satisfying but not as moreish as the addictive duck fat fries ($5). A good late night dinner over a pint of cold beer! Sit outside if the weather permits.