Ah Hock Fried Hokkien Noodles

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Chia Keng Hokkien Mee #01-11

Chose this over the other famous hokkien mee stall as I prefer wetter ones. Did not disappoint, wet and saucy with generous amount of crispy pork lard. Be prepared to wait, I waited for around 1.5hours for this due to the huge crowd on a Sunday. Would advise to order this first before ordering other dishes.

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Stall #36
This is the $3 portion for takeaway.
It’s quite a palatable plate of carrot cake with bits of chai po added to it. Will order again if I happen to be in chomp chomp.

Waited less than 5 mins during peak dinner hour where some Hokkien mee stall requires a 45mins wait πŸ™„

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But it was worth it for the hokkien mee, crispy carrot cake and sugarcane tower yaaas #notketo 🀣

maybe due to the rain. got seats easily.

still got sugar cane, char kway teow and cai tao kway not in the pictures.

stingray was not bad. but the one the purple liners recommended was closed along with the hokkien mee.

bo jiak the orh but they said got a fishy smell so i guess its not as good. cant go wrong with wings. wings should be all taste agar the same ba.

had better potato leaves elsewhere. lala was nice. theres one more version from the other stall the auntie gave us to try and i think we can order both versions the next time.

char kway teow was not too oily. would have preferred the white carrot cake to be fried with cai poh.

overall, buay pai. can satisfy my local food craving but newton is still more convenient to me and i like the stingray there.

15 per pax.

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Comfort food. #tingzieeats #burpple

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Sgn gdns. Not as nice and tasty as before. Lacked of the wok hei taste that used to have. Not worth the wait anymore. #sgfood #foodporn #sghawker #hokkienmee #throwback #serangoon #chompchomp #burpple

When craving strike, we will just head down to eat like today! One of the more famous hawker places in Singapore that foreigners might also make their way down. However the place is quite small so be sure to go down early or in small groups. We wolf down the Black Carrot Cake ($3) before the rest came so it's missing, but other food are just as tasty. Here are some of the items: Youtiao rojak ($3), Stingray ($12), Chicken wing ($1.30 each), Satay ($0.50 each stick), Hokkien Mee ($3) and Sugarcane drink ($1.50 per small cup)

If you're craving for dessert, you can also try out Dessert Bowl located near Ocbc Bank. The durian mousse and mango pomelo are desserts that will always delight.

One of the best Hokkien Mee in the area as the thin beehoon and yellow noddles are moist with fresh prawns, squid and gravy. The waiting time can be an hour long so you might want to grab other local delights while waiting.