White Cold Brew

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White Cold Brew ($7.50) - saw this on the coffee menu and just have to get it! And happy to say, I'm not disappointed! Not the strongest kind of coffee but the smooth texture makes it really easy to drink.

Something similar to Old Hen Coffee Bar's version but cutting off the sweetness. Perhaps those who find that version too sweet would like this one better.


Not pictured is the lovely bright pink beetroot yoghurt sauce that is nice and creamy when mixed with the bulgar. Really enjoyed the pulled pork + mushroom combo, not a huge fan of the wafu tomatoes and the kimchi apple, though both were decent. Loved the warm beetroot and carrot option! Paid an extra $2 for my mushrooms cos I wanted 2 hot veg. Wish we had a choice of 3 veg either hot or cold, and not 1 warm and 2 cold. Also loved the mint garnish. Coffees both cold brew and hot were more than decent! Tip: there's chili flakes and chili padi next to the utensils. The chili padi worked wonders with my pork + bulgar :)

Cold brew ($7.50) - strong, smooth, just the right thing to start my day. (I looked like an alcoholic holding a beer bottle early at work though) Enjoyed this but it's much pricier than the other cold brews I've tried.