Superior Stock Clam Bee Hoon

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My dinner from @diamondkitchensg
▪️3 Gan Xiang Crabs
▪️Assam Baba Whole Fish
▪️Egg Spinach
▪️Champagne Pork Ribs
▪️Lala Bee Hoon
With a min spend of $80.00, you can get 3 Sri Lanka Crabs (estimate 500g each) at only $49.90 and 1 whole Fish at only $12.90 at @diamondkitchensg
WhatsApp them at +65 9662 7600 or call their Science Park Drive & Marina Parade outlets to place your order.
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Silky Beehoon with peppery stock.
Find out more at
Diamond Kitchen (钻石小厨)
Science Park 1
87 Science Park Drive
Singapore 118260
Tel: +65 64640410
Nearest MRT: Kent Ridge (CC Line)

Opening Hours:
Daily: 11am - 230pm, 530pm - 1030pm

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This is 😍.

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The magic of having a car (free parking on weekends). La la bee hoon (16/24/32) was one of the better renditions had so far, and some might say edges out putien's with a flavourful, ginger-tinged stock. Initially wanted to try the highly raved sauna prawns but got distracted by the GSS 2 Sri lankan crabs for $30 promotion with a choice of three sauces (chilli, black pepper and gan xiang, the latter being an in house specialty that is super spicy. Same sauce to be used for both). Opted for the chilli crab as we needed a moderate crab that could appeal to all tastes. The crabs were substantial although don't expect super sized crustaceans (their pincers were on the smaller side from what i usually order elsewhere but understandably so). Also ordered the Three Eggs Chinese Spinach (14/21/28) to add some veges to round off the meal.

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It's really tasty! Service here is awesome too.
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Delicious lala bee hun at $14 for the small portion. We ordered this for two, there were more lala than the bee hun. The soup/broth is the key to the tastiness of the dish! Yum! Service is very good, comes with free valet parking too! We even got a free gift at the end of the meal from some lucky draw.

4.5 munchies: With the savoury umami stock so rich and full of flavour, the plain bee hoon braised in it was infused with all the seafood and wolfberry sweetness. The briny hints and Chinese rice wine in the superior stock also complemented the abundance of fresh lala (clams), which left me craving for more with the delicate rice vermicelli.

This was a hosted meal by Diamond Kitchen.

The clams lend this dish a rich, umami flavour. The broth has this subtle sweetness that pleases the palate. My kind of comfort food!

Heading to @diamondkitchensg in a bit for a belated Father's Day celebration lunch, and my mouth is already watering with the anticipation of all the goodness that will be entering it.

One of the signatures since day 1 of Diamond Kitchen's opening is this dish of rice vermicelli braised until soft and silky in Chef's superior stock and Chinese rice wine, then tossed with loads and loads of fresh, briny clams. The mollusks are cooked just perfectly, not at all rubbery.

When the intoxicating aroma of the Superior Stock Clam Bee Hoon ($14/21/28) preceded its entrance at our table, I knew then, that it was going to be stellar. Boozy kick aside, the Chinese cooking wine also gave the dish more body and character, gradually mellowing into a delicate sweetness, thanks to the abundance of fresh la la clams and smattering of goji berries that adorned those silky braised rice noodles.