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Palak Paneer

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This former hole-in-the-wall restaurant has merged with its upstairs neighbour Idli Only Cafe and the result is one pretty awesome joint — expect both the warm, fluffy idlis and affordable northern Indian favourites in one place. For a light lunch, get the crisp-on-the-outside and soft-on-the-inside Butter Podi Idlis (RM12). Otherwise, turn to tummy-filling dishes like a Mutton Briyani (from RM20) and the velvety Palak Paneer (from RM14). The restaurant also has affordable weekday set lunches starting from RM15 featuring thali, naan and briyani.

I saw this on the menu and just had to order it. They’re very generous with the cottage cheese – you’ll get at least a cube with every spoonful – and the spinach curry itself is very rich, creamy and perfectly seasoned. It can be very filling on its own, so I’d recommend this as a sharing dish.

I was excited on my way here because I have not had palak paneer for the longest of time. When we were finally seated, we looked at the extensive menu and I was immediately happy, despite my not-as-pleasant-as-I-thought-it-will-be dining experience back in Fierce.

We ordered the mango lassi, palak paneer, garlic naan, chicken tikka masala. After a while, our mango lassi came. I was excited to try it and thankfully, it did not disappoint. It was more on the sour side, but my face when I was finishing it at the end of the meal was just priceless. I was happy.

I was happy, despite having to wait quite some time for my food to arrive. If there was one thing that I dislike about this place, the food preparation was slow. After what seems like ages, our food finally arrived.

The first thing that came out of my friend's mouth when he saw the palak paneer was, "What is that green thing?" I wouldn't deny, the palak paneer looked a little too green than I expected and remembered. It was too green and though I can see the cheese, I found it to be a bit tasteless, the cheese. The palak paneer was alright, I have had better ones.

We then tried chicken tikka masala. That was nice, though it was a tad bit too spicy for my liking. Both dishes were dipped with the garlic naan, which was a good combination. The naan was fluffy, I liked it. Despite disliking vegetables, I enjoyed the garlic on the naan.

My friend wanted to get the sweets on the counter, it was called ras malai if I remember correctly, but we were too full. Our bill came up to close to RM50 for two, with service charge and GST, as well as the idli from Idli Only Cafe.