Chicken Tikka Masala

RM18.00 · 1 Review

First and foremost is the mango Lassi, maybe it was the weather but let's not do that, let's just concede and just say that the mango Lassi there was amazing, it was thirst quenching and flavorful, we get the sweet and sour and a limey after taste which was refreshing. Service was a bit slow, but waiters are friendly. Food wise, the Naan was okay, like the fact they cook it fresh after you order it, so its nice and warm. Maybe they should rub a little bit more garlic cause I didn't taste much of the garlic. The chicken tikka masala was nice, a good combo with the Naan, spicy and a little bit sour which was nice. Chicken was tender and portion was okay. The second dish, I must say it was not as great since it's been recommended, it was a little bit tasteless to me, but the portion was again okay.