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Kway Tiew Tom Yum Boran

$14.00 · 2 Reviews

Traditional tom yum noodles with pork, soft boiled eggs, peanuts and crispy wanton skin.

Travelled a little bit further for lunch today and trying this new Thai place that had replaced the former 320Below outlet behind Little India MRT Station. Was told that this dish is one of their specialties, and sure does it come loaded with lots of goodies. Not exactly Kway Teow, but using glass noodles instead, though could have been cooked a little bit longer for a chewier texture especially when there are parts of the noodles that were clumped up altogether. What was delightful was the Tom Yum broth; carrying a moderate amount of heat after mixing in the chili atop the pork patty. Flavour of spices pretty evident; rather refreshing especially with coriander and lemongrass. Molten egg had a gooey yolk, and the pork party was actually pretty chunky and springy; shaped by hand from the texture. Thought the crispy wanton was a little bit unnecessary; sure they carried a good crisp but turns soggy and limp after being soaked in the Tom Yum soup. The original version also comes with peanuts, which they have kindly excluded upon my request. A pretty good place for office lunches with slightly bigger groups, especially with most tables offering six seats across the entire shop. Just a little bit more fine-tuning and this would be quite a hit.