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Lime Mojito Sphere

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Have been wanting to get my grubby hands on these when I have first noticed that Fatcat Ice Cream Bar have been offering cold brews; after all, while usual cold brews are pretty much a common sight everywhere, Fatcat Ice Cream Bar’s variant brings the usual cold brew a little further with its infusion of their own house-made ice-creams.

With three different flavours to go for (Hokkaido Milk, Mocha and Matcha), my choice was the Hokkaido Milk — pretty similar to that of the usual Cold Brew (White) that are often seen at other specialty coffee cafes that are part of third-wave coffee movement. The Ice-Cream Milkshake Cold Brew (Hokkaido Milk) from Fatcat Ice Cream Bar whilst being distinctively more creamier in terms of flavour, still carried a more liquid consistency than other creamier cold brews like the ones offered by Curious Palette/Stranger’s Reunion/Wakey Wakey and Brawn & Brains. Their rendition is also sweeter, perhaps due to how their version employs the use of ice-cream over normal milk and sugar syrup that other spots tend to use, but is still pretty well-balanced by being a more richer and punchier concoction overall; still evident is the coffee’s earthy and nutty notes amidst all the creaminess and sweetness going on — one that I actually quite liked and would go for again.

Whilst Fatcat Ice Cream Bar is probably best known for their Mojito Spheres and Charcoal Waffles with Salted Egg Sauce in their beginning years, it is interesting to see how they have since also included other items such as the Ice-Cream Milkshake Cold Brew in their menu — an interesting move that gives them a wider variety than the usual ice-cream parlour elsewhere.

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Lime Mojito Sphere is 1//3 the size of my palm but provides a refreshing burst when popped into my mouth. It is nice but a tad expensive at 4.50 each and there is GST if you dine in. Went during very off peak hours so it was quiet and nice to sit in this quaint cafe in the neighborhood.

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Tastes really zesty and refreshing but I will like it even more if it has a stronger alcoholic taste.

Fat Cat Ice Cream Bar
Blk 416
Bedok North Avenue 2
Unit No.: 01-25
Singapore 460416
Tel No.: 6241 0830





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Never tried these before since they are usually $4.50 each but April's one for one offer makes it temporarily affordable! Could be more chilled but the explosion of lime juice in the mouth was lovely and refreshing on a hot humid day.
🚗 : Hdb parking available behind block 416.

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$4.50 for one, $8 for a pair. It’s a shot of mojito inside a thin membrane using molecular gastronomy. Haha, search that up, some new food tech.

I’d rather order a glass of mojito, because it’s really nice and I want more than one mouth, than drinking from this membrane.

It doesn’t have that bursting effect like the Japanese fish roes.


from the tingly anticipation to the bubble-like bursting in the mouth. - inserts "Science." meme - #fatcaticecreambar
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You guys have definitely heard of their lime mojito spheres, now they have blood spheres which consists of red wine sangria and orange. Be sure not to miss it!

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Lime Mojito Sphere.

Lime juice, rum. Garnished with lime zest, lemon peel and edible herbs. Trust FatCat Ice Cream Bar to come up with the coolest ideas. #bodyplump #whyidonthaveabs #cafehopping #fatcaticecreambar #foodporn #Mojito